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Health and safety jobs are in demand today because of the important role they play in work places and environment. They integrate into all aspects of private and public business. The specialty can range from designing health-friendly work places to inspections of air, water and soil. These jobs are becoming more popular mainly due to the increased importance given to a healthy environment and life-style. Some of the main employers can be mining companies, local Government, state Government and the Federal Government, schools, colleges and universities, medical and surgical hospitals and companies offering technical consulting services in the areas of management, science and technology.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate that employment opportunities in this field is likely to be higher than average at a rate of about 14 to 19 percent between 2008 to 2018. This is higher than most other occupations. Jobs are expected to abound in private as well as public sectors. The Federal and the different State Governments have renewed their focus on environmental issues and this means more jobs for health and safety workers. In the private sector too, there is more emphasis on health and safety because it can lead to higher productivity among workers, lower rates of absenteeism and lower health insurance premiums for the company.


If you are one of those people looking to make a career in this occupation, this is probably the best time to do it. To boost your chances of finding a job, you have to get the required qualification and training. There are many certificate courses available to teach you the basics of this job and bring you up to date on the latest guidelines. These certifications can greatly increase your job prospects and career growth. Also, its a good idea to have an in-depth knowledge in more than one specialty as this can boost your chances of finding the job of your choice. A good amount of business knowledge can also help you to have an accelerated growth in this occupation.


In general, public sector jobs are more stable than the ones in private sector. Government jobs are less likely to be affected by economic problems and are more recession-proof. Also, there is little possibility for these jobs to be eliminated in the near future. The private sector, on the other hand, is not so reliable because they can decide to move their operations to other low-cost destinations in Asia or they can offer the option to work from home for their employees. This means lesser inspections and in turn, fewer jobs. So, if you can land in a Government job, you can grasp it with both hands. While private sector is not a bad option, it can be unreliable in the future.


In short, this is a great time to start a career in health and safety jobs because the job outlook is positive and it is expected to have a double-digit growth during the next decade. These jobs are offered by private and public sectors with higher job security in the latter one.

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